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Created for busy professionals, these intimate, and closed sessions are condensed, yet comprehensive. You will learn essential, and unbiased information that you can use as a guide to make informed decisions that match your values, and priorities. Benefits of taking this class include:

  1. Decreased anxiety & fear about childbirth
  2. Pain management techniques ​
  3. Better navigation of the maternity-care system

Meet The Doctors That Trust Us

Dr. Allan Lyons

The Ladies Medical Centre

Dr. Lorne Charles

The Women’s Specialist Medical Centre

Dr. Pamela Carroll

Womencare Center

Dr. Nina Graham

Femina Wellness

Dr. Chinyere Carey-Bullard

Advanced Family Medicine Center

Dr. Agatha Mackey

Resident Obstetrics and Gynaecology at Princess Margaret Hospital

Dr. Jamil A. Minnis

Oxford Medical Center

Dr. Carlos O. Thomas

Pediatric Associates Bahamas

Dr. Simone Sealy

Lyndhurst Medical Centre & Associates

Happy Customers

I’m glad and thankful for a virtual advices and support!!! Even though I haven’t try any services for now(because of our current situation) I would love to give it a go! But having someone to talk to and gave me advice during my last trimester is a big deal for me! Thank you so much!
Gwapa Dai
This is one of the best things that any pregnant person can receive, especially if suffering from lower back pain and hip pain..... WOW the things I can do again after this, really amazing results!! Amazing results · Luxurious experience · Last-minute appointments
Shenique Burrows
Excellent services and I love my therapist she did an awesome job both my baby and I was happy, relaxing and satisfied see you guys again soon. 5 Star Professional masseuses · Amazing results · Nice changing rooms · Clean changing rooms
Ashley Ceirra
Awesome awesome awesome service! I felt really relaxed during and after the massage. Her soft voice and passion for what she does makes the experience even more worth it. I would recommend this kind of pampering to anyone, especially the mothers who are looking for someone very knowledgeable in this field. - Inga Bethel
Inga Bethel
Highly highly recommend , I’ve been getting massages from her from my first pregnancy and I also did a session with her for my c- section scar . Now I’m doing massages with her again with my 2 pregnancy because my baby girl is in a breech position and was causing plenty pain, the massages did pretty well for that - Kalisha Edwards
Kalisha Edwards
The lower part of my body was so painful and heavy this time around, however after my service with prenatal pampering my leg, hips and thigh pain were no more!!!!! Loved every minute of it 💕 - Shemicka Parker
Shemicka Parker

Our Mantra is "Always be kind to the mother"

About Us

Supporting, celebrating, and pampering women throughout their pregnancy journey. We Cater to the unique, and ever changing needs of pregnancy. We are dedicated to bringing you the safest, and highest quality products, and services. On going training, education, and knowledge of research studies are an essential part of who we are.
We believe future generations rely on healthy, happy, supported, and informed mothers.